Previous Results

National and International Tournament results extracted from the results system from the last 2 years are available in PDF format for download. Where live results capture was in operation you can view the live results page for that tournament online.

2018Welsh Championships Online
2018English Championships Online
2017British Championships Online
2017Welsh Championships Online
2017English Championships Online
2016British Championships Online
2016World Championships (Sun) Online
2016World Championships (Sat) Online
2016Welsh Championships Online
2016English Championships Online
2015British Championships Online
2015Welsh Championships Online
2015BTC Ladies and Juniors Championships Online
2015English Championships Online
2014British Championships Online
2014Scottish ChampionshipsDownload 
2014Welsh Championships Online
2014European Championships Link
2014English Championships Online
2013British Championships Online
2013English ChampionshipsDownload 
2013Welsh ChampionshipsDownload 
2013World ChampionshipsDownloadOnline
2013Scottish ChampionshipsDownload 
2012English ChampionshipsDownload 
2012European ChampionshipsDownload 
2012Welsh ChampionshipsDownload 
2012Scottish ChampionshipsDownload 

Results from Regional tournaments will not be posted on this site. Contact your Club Instructor or TAGB Area Representative for access to Regional Results.

A new method of recording the results is being trialled in 2014. Details to follow.

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